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      1. IBM Sterling eCOM VAN

        IBM Sterling Commerce and eCOM Asia have entered into a partnership with Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao Group to establish eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., building the top local China B2B/ EDI collaborative platform —IBM Sterling eCOM VAN, Chinese VAN (value-added network). Through this VAN, enterprises can connect to IBM Sterling Commerce’s international SCN (IBM Sterling Collaborative Network) directly and can trade with worldwide partners. Meanwhile, through this VAN, Chinese enterprises can do EDI transactions with over 3 million enterprises in more than 80 international EDI VAN’s, and connect to American and Canadian customs directly. IBM Sterling eCOM VAN is part of IBM Sterling Commerce’s international value-added network

        eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides an advanced, serviced, secure and reliable B2B/EDI collaborative platform, establishing a comprehensive IT environment for supply chain integration to enhance competitiveness. It serves Shanghai city and other regions of China.

        eCOM China - Shanghai

        Address: 2F Building 10 No.77,Futexisan Road,

        Pudong New Area, Shanghai

        Telephone: (8621) 5866 2100

        Website: www.ecomsh.com.cn

        eCOM China - Hong Kong

        Address: Room 4108, Floor 41, Hopewell Centre

        183 Queen's Road East,

        Wanchai, Hong Kong

        Telephone: (852) 2821 2777

        Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

        eCOM Philippines

        Address: Suite 501 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center Exchange Road,

        Pasig City, 1605 Philippines

        Telephone: (632) 634 4153

        Website: www.e.com.ph

        eCOM Australia

        Address: 9/14 Market St, Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC 3128, Australia

        Telephone: (61) 3 9005 8096

        Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

        eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.沪ICP备08017982号
        Copyright ©2015 eCOM. All rights reserved.