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      1. Automotive Industry EDI Solutions

              Automotive main engine, OE assembly manufacturing mode: taking main engine factory as the core, thousands of accessory suppliers, parts assembly multi-level supply mode, multinational cross-regional logistics management, make up of a large and complex auto supply chain system. When it is in fast-developing period, supply chain is one of the keys to support its healthy and stable development.

        In 2009, China became the biggest auto-consuming market in the world:

        • During Jan. – Sept., 2009, the amount of auto sales reached 9.6 million; this number reached 12 million by the end of 2009. China then became the biggest auto-consuming market in the world for the first time.
        • There are more than 120 OEMs.
        • World’s Top 100 Tier-1 automotive accessory manufacturers have entered into the Chinese market.
        • There are 6-7 thousand automotive accessory manufacturers (annual sales revenue > RMB 5 million) in China.
        • More and more foreign OEMs have set up procurement centers in China, such as Ford, GM、Fiat, etc.
        • World’s Top 100 Tier-1 accessory manufacturers purchase Chinese Tier-2 accessories for domestic sales and export.
        • There are more and more accessory procurement centers, founded by local government and automotive groups and automotive industrial zone.

        When car ownership in China exceeds hundred million, the after-market for automotive spare parts is being increasingly focused and developed. After-market industry for automotive has started to adopt advanced supply chain reforms.

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