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      1. IBM eCOM FMCG B2B SaaS Solution

        Industry Description

        • Low efficiency and high cost arising from Web based platform, and unable to meet the needs of FMCG manufacturers;
        • FMCG manufacturers urgently need to integrate their upstream suppliers;
        • Fast expansion in tier 2 and tier 3 cities prolonged the supply chain and difficult to control cost;
        • Various systems and integration difficulties due to M& A in FMCG industry;
        • Diversified sales channels due to the development of e-commerce


        • How to ensure timely supply and turnover?
        • shorten cash flow-back cycle and reduce overstock?
        • lower logistic cost?
        • get timely information on sales and stock status?
        • efficiently populate the suppliers into the data community?
        • integrate different channels of the supply chain?
        • cope with newly increased channels?

        EDI Opportunities

        • Big retailers need to comprehensively integrate their business;
        • Big FMCG manufacturers need to integrate with their retailers on orders, e-catalog and reconciliation to improve efficiency and reduce cost;
        • Small and medium sized retailers are not able to build a single EDI platform for e-catalog due to their week IT support

        eCOM China - Shanghai

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        Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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        183 Queen's Road East,

        Wanchai, Hong Kong

        Telephone: (852) 2821 2777

        Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

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        Pasig City, 1605 Philippines

        Telephone: (632) 634 4153

        Website: www.e.com.ph

        eCOM Australia

        Address: 9/14 Market St, Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC 3128, Australia

        Telephone: (61) 3 9005 8096

        Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

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