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        Congratulations to eCOM ISO9001 Certificate

        Publish Date:2012-11-15

            Warmly congratulate eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. passed the special audit of ISO successfully, and obtained ISO 9001 Certificate by Nov. 15, 2012. Please refer to the below picture:

            To improve company management and customer service ability, we decided to introduce ISO 9001 Quality Management System in June 2012. With successive improvements and modifications on the management system, eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. had improved the work efficiency effectively, established, and promoted a series of work flows and rules in accordance with ISO 9001 Standards. This marks eCOM going to a higher level of processing and standardization.

            And eCOM will be guided to provide better services to our customers according to ISO 9001 Standards.


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        Wanchai, Hong Kong

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        Pasig City, 1605 Philippines

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        Website: www.ecomasialtd.com

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